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The Attorneys at HB CAVALCANTI E MAZZILLO ADVOGADOS act on behalf of their clients in several different areas of the law (some of which are summarized below) drafting all pertinent legal documents such as claims and/or complaints, counterclaims, briefs, motions, reports, contracts of all kinds, and Legal Opinions. They also have rights of audience in every Court, at all instances, such as: State and Federal Courts, the Superior Electoral Court, State and Federal Courts of Appeal, the Superior Federal Tribunal and The Brazilian Supreme Court. Moreover, the Attorneys at HB CAVALCANTI E MAZZILLO ADVOGADOS represent their clients before all Government Administrative Agencies, whether Federal, State or Municipal, more specifically the Audit Tribunals, Federal, State or Municipal.

The Law Firm HB CAVALCANTI E MAZZILLO ADVOGADOS is experienced in handling civil and commercial litigation. The firm’s attorneys represent major Brazilian and multinational industrial, commercial and service companies. Clients involved in commercial disputes, or lawsuits involving corporate issues are assisted by the expertise of specialists and the skills of experienced litigators.
[Alternative Dispute Resolution]
Tuning in with the needs of the modern world, which call for fast and cost efficient dispute resolution mechanisms as alternative to judicial proceedings both in Brazil and abroad, the firm promotes arbitration as one of such mechanisms, boasting active participation in national and international Arbitration Chambers, including the Court for Arbitration of Sports, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This is a very broad area of the law in Brazil, encompassing several different areas, including, to name but a few, Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Banking and Finance, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, and Civil Responsibility, among others. With regard to Contracts, the firm has expertise in drafting different types of commercial and civil contracts such as: Sales Agreements, Leasing Agreements, Franchising Agreements, License Agreements, and many others, both in English and in Portuguese. The firm also advises clients on the enforceability of contracts in Brazil, according to the legislation, specifically, the Brazilian Civil Code.
In this area of the law, HB CAVALCANTI E MAZZILLO ADVOGADOS advises clients on business transactions of all kinds, such as the sale of goods, banking, financing, leasing, franchising, mortgaging, and protection of consumers’ rights; the Firm also represents clients in civil litigations, in case of breach of contracts.

In this area of the law, the Firm provides legal advice on the formation of companies in Brazil, whether public or private, limited companies, and other types of business organizations; the Firm also advises clients on company capitalization through a rights issue, share consolidation, share subdivision and/or loans; the Firm also handles fundamental changes in companies such as, amendments to a company’s bylaws, mergers, consolidations, spin-offs, and takeovers (both unsolicited and friendly), acquisitions of minority stakes, and joint ventures involving both strategic and financial investors. The Firm also deals with voluntary liquidation or compulsory winding up of companies.
The Law Firm HB CAVALCANTI E MAZZILLO ADVOGADOS advises clients on company reorganization and court supervised debt restructuring; it also handles cases of voluntary liquidation; the firm represents both debtors and creditors in case of compulsory winding up.

The firm provides support to clients on issues related to economic and trade law, mainly those concerning competition (antitrust) law, international trade (dumping) and industry regulation (mainly telecommunications, oil & gas, and electric energy). The Firm also represents clients before the CADE (ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL FOR ECONOMIC DEFENSE) in Brazil.
HB CAVALCANTI E MAZZlLLO ADVOGADOS is also engaged in the fast-growing fields of technology development, and intellectual property licensing. The Firm deals with patents, copyrights, image and voice rights, product and service trademarks, and trade secrets, including litigation in case of infringement.
The Firm HB CAVALCANTI E MAZZILLO ADVOGADOS has represented the Brazilian Olympic Committee since 1995, before Brazilian Courts and International Arbitration Courts, more specifically, The Court for Arbitration of Sports, in Lausanne, Switzerland. This has placed the Firm on the cutting edge of the development of Sports Law in Brazil, and in the world, having developed special expertise in legal issues concerning the organization of games, doping cases, and the arbitration of disputes. Dealing with questions which involve not only the athletes’ performance, sponsorship contracts and other legal issues, but also which involved the Committee itself in the organization of the 2007 Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro, its team of attorneys has developed deep knowledge and practice in handling such questions before Brazilian Courts and International Arbitration Courts. It is also of the responsibility of this firm the constitution and development of The Brazilian Sports Arbitration Court, which will have jurisdiction over legal issues involving athletes and sports entities. The firm currently assists The Brazilian Olympic Committee and The RIO 2016 COMMITTEE, in preparation for the Olympic Games which will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
In this area of the law, the firm provides legal advice on condemnation, public easement, privatizations and concessions of public services, in a wide variety of economic sectors, as well as representation before State and Federal regulatory agencies; The Firm is also prepared to defend its clients’ interests in administrative litigations, both before the Courts and in administrative proceedings, including disciplinary cases, before the Brazilian Central Bank – BACEN the Brazilian Securities Commission — CVM, the National Financial System Appeals Council — CRSFN and the Audit Courts both state and federal.

The Law Firm HB CAVALCANTI E MAZZILLO ADVOGADOS represents clients before The Regional Electoral Tribunal, and The Superior Electoral Tribunal, as well as before the Supreme Federal Tribunal. The Firm also advises clients in matters related with the electoral law.
Electoral crimes; Crimes against the public administration; Crimes against the environment; Money laundering crimes; Crimes against the tax system; Crimes against the financial system; Crimes against the popular economy; Crimes against the capital market; Crimes against consumer relations; Crimes against intellectual property; Embezzlement and other frauds; Bankruptcy crimes; Crimes committed on the Internet; Crimes of minor offensive potential (Special Criminal Courts); Assistance of Public Prosecution.