Protegido: Legal English

Each day the English language confirms its position of extreme importance in today’s world, in all areas of the human activity. In the Legal World, it is not different. Contact with the international client takes place through  emails and telephone conversations which are mostly in English. Contracts need to be drafted in English, read and understood, in order to be negotiated. A contract may be negotiated online, in person or through vídeo conferencing, and English is the language of negotiation. Precision in the use of the legal terms is essential. Our glossary aims at explaining, not only translating, the most common legal terms in Common Law, so that, the Brazilian attorney can easily make the bridge and find an equivalent term and concept in our Brazilian Law. This Glossary, thus, is a bridge-bilingual Legal English Glossary, and it is within the reach of those who wish to expand their vocabulary in Legal English.
Tânia Mazzillo has been a teacher and translator for over 25 years, having specialized in Legal English. At present, she works as a free-lancer for Companies, Law Firms and Universities teaching, translating and editing texts in Legal English.

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